May 2, 2007

The best show on TV, Hugh Laurie, and Weekend Shenanigans

Is there a doctor in the House? Did ya see last night's fantastic "Family"? And could Hugh Laurie's eyes be any bluer or what?! Best show on the boob tube right now. The whole cast just nails it week after week. And I love watching the whole House/Wilson relationship unfold layer after layer. Robert Sean Leonard is the perfect partner for Hugh. They're apparently good friends off the set and it shows in how smoothly they gel together on-screen. Love it, love him, and love how far he's come from the first time I saw him in "Blackadder The Third":

And in the follow-up "Blackadder Goes Forth." For some reason,
"A Bit Of Fry and Laurie" (with the equally fab Stephen Fry) didn't do as well on this side of the pond:

Neither did their other series, "Jeeves and Wooster":

Bit of an obsessed fan feel on the Hugh Laurie YouTube Group, but their hearts are in the right place and I thank them for the clips. He is adorable though. Even better nowadays with the bad boy beard. Sigh. Anyhoo, back to last night's "House" for a sec. The cane buying outing with Wilson was a mini gem, but that bull penis cane was a tad creepy. Who knew such things even existed? Dig the link's claim to "love America and love the Wild West!" They just don't give a toss about bulls apparently.

"House" doesn't always get it quite right. Here's a humbling way to wrap up with the cute Season Two Bloopers:

And the same clips set to Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" (perfect!):

~ Hold onto your hats, people, as we trip into the first of what's sure to become an institution 'round here, Our Weekend Shenanigans, ta da!

For our exciting opener, we venture to the wilds of Pickering where some musician friends, Par 3, were playing at a pub called The Irish Times. Another bud, Cyd, has been going there for years, it's close to where she lives, so we spent the night at her place. As my Mum is wont to do at the drop of a tambourine, she did a couple of numbers with the boys and blew the roof off the dump:

While the kid did what he does best and practiced his moves on the dance floor with some willing lasses:

That's the always groovy Aunty Deb gettin' down in the middle pics, while Cyd rocks on to "Y.M.C.A." in the last one. What a hoot! Always a treat to hear my Mum sing no matter what. I tried filming her with my snazzy HP Photosmart B327, but it didn't work out, sorry about that.

On our way home, we stopped at Wimpy's for a spot of lunch.

I foolishly went for the chicken on a bun, but this isn't a restaurant review, so I'll be kind and mention the awesome decor instead. This mural is the real standout. The classic trio of Marilyn, Elvis, and James Dean, in a convertible:

This is the Elvis wall that's above Mum and Riel's heads in the first pic:

And a couple of other walls full of bits and pieces of memorabilia:

I wish I'd been around when this kind of decor was the norm, although I did see my fair share of truck stops and airport diners in my day. But, that's another story for another day. Cheers!

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