April 24, 2007

And so it begins

Let's get this thing started with an intro. I'm Tiny Dancer (aka Rhonda), a soon-to-be 43 yr old (May 29th, mark those calendars!) with a 19 yr old autistic son, Riel, and a soon-to-be 45 yr old (May 29th, cosmic, eh?) fiance, George. We live in Toronto, Ontario, in an area known as Upper Beach. Which means we can't afford to live in the actual Beach, but we're within walking distance of Lake Ontario and the Boardwalk.

George is the Production Supervisor for a big printing company, I basically take care of my son and noodle around on the web. Since 1996, I've been running The Sesame Street Lyrics Archive, so I do know my way around the net, but this is my first attempt at a blog, please be gentle with me 'till I get my bearings.

What I'd like to do is have a place to vent when need be, or share some pics of whatever nonsense we got up to on the weekend, and also offer up some YouTube goodies I find. They'll be mostly Sesame Street, Muppet, or Jim Henson related, naturally, with some Elton John tossed in for good measure. Like this one from 1971 of Elton singing "my" song:

How's that for an intro? Such a gorgeous version, don't you think? To even things out, here's a Muppet video from 1969 featuring the first appearance of the muppet that would become Grover:

Thank God they changed him! Hard to believe such a lovable character started out so snarly. Just proves how far we can all go if we just smooth out our fur a bit, huh?

I'll wrap up my intro with a couple of pics we took this weekend. It was a beautiful day here on Sunday, Earth Day, so we took a stroll on the aforementioned Boardwalk. As did a ton of other folks:

I was quite taken with a mass of small Inuksuit (which is the plural form of Inuksuk) on this one section of the beach. Not sure if this was a special Earth Day display or whether it goes on every weekend, but it made me smile to see so many people digging the Inuksuit:

Hope the pics do them justice! Still learning on my snazzy new digital camera, I'm sure they'll get better as time goes by.

On the other hand, Riel was happier throwing his rocks into Lake Ontario:

That's about it for today. Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll get to be old chums.

BTW, the blog title comes from my first review in 1996 (from the magazine Yahoo! Internet Life and their column "Touched By The Net") where they talked about me "doing figurative pirouettes" with my computer. Trust me, I can't pirouette like I used to back in the day, but I can still cut a mean rug!

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